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mistagreenbeanz's News

Posted by mistagreenbeanz - July 26th, 2023

I've got a new Toon coming soon (recently premiered at Short Short 2023).

I'm excited to share it with the NG community, specifically because my re-engagement with NG back in 2021 was very impactful. For starters, it helped me realize that I had to start pumping out toons again (not that it ever looked like i was doing that before), but behind close doors I was kinda working in the hot seat for some pretty big names and getting got very little profit or shine from it. And when that happens, all ya really wanna do is just make cartoons for yourself again, and that's what the NG community does best baby.

I'm excited to join the fold again with probably the most focused effort in cartooning for me yet, and it wont be the last hehehehe




Posted by mistagreenbeanz - December 13th, 2022


Update posts are rare from me, but I’ve been feeling to need to give a little recap of where I’ve been & how I’ve been navigating these weird times.

I was on an animated feature for a year and half and have consistently been the busiest I’ve ever been, leading to habits of self-imposed stress & disappearing into work. I call it ‘becoming wind’ and it works sometimes, but obviously not for social media & it confuses people who just wanna communicate with me (I'm still here & I love ya). I started this piece in the middle of similar feeling but in relation to my personal work - feeling like I was consciously drifting away from some goals in favor of new ones. It felt like I had to put things in the river of time & collect them later down the stream when I was more prepared to carry them.

Since then, I finished my run as a designer & production lead on the Whitest Kids U Know film, made a short in the Squanch game High On Life (released today!), was a creative force & animator behind 3 of the biggest NFT-backed projects of the year (ArtGobblers, Oscar Haley & The Great Beyond, & Bored Ape Yacht Club), I moved in with the love of my life, & I worked alongside many brilliant minds & artists in the process. Despite my lack of social media presence, It was honestly a great year for me. I worked a lot and rested long when I could. This weekend, I finished this piece riding that sense of accomplishment.

Im happy to announce that through all of this work, I was recently able to solidify a small budget for myself to go Full-Time on solely personal projects going into the new year, priority being 2 small shorts ive got in the works and finishing Last Cartoonist #2. Updates on those soon, but until then… DRIFT ON



Posted by mistagreenbeanz - January 17th, 2022

HEY NEWGROUNDS! I finally posted Chapter 01 of my comic "The Last Cartoonist In America"

Check it out here: Last Cartoonist ~ Chapter 01


Thanks for checking it out in anyway, and feel free to give critique. It's my baby right now, but I'm knee deep in a much longer second chapter, so any attention or words you have on this one is much appreciated, and definitely won't crush my artistic spirit (that died a long time ago - RIP)


Anyways, that's all for this update, stay tuned for more one-off art & the followup Chapter(s).

ALSO a shop link for a physical copy of this zine is in my profile, any support goes towards the making of more of these!



Posted by mistagreenbeanz - January 16th, 2022

Gonna post Chapter 01 of my comic "The Last Cartoonist in America" on here tomorrow.

Give me a follow & stick around for it OR you read it in full now on my Instagram.


(Originally posted in May 2021)



Posted by mistagreenbeanz - January 16th, 2022

OKAY just did a lil' art dump to semi-catch me up to further posting.

I have more I'll drop in from time to time to fill my void here, but seeing as they're older I can't promise they'll be better lol.

See youse soon ✌️

Posted by mistagreenbeanz - January 16th, 2022

JEEZ I've been a ghost here since 2016?! I don't have any excuses, I focused on Instagram only like an idiot! That and struggles with depression, artist identity, time management. Yknow, the usual suspects for cartoonists.

But hey I've got a whole backlog of cartoon bullshit to post here now, so c'mere Newgrounds! *MWAH* I missed ya!

Posted by mistagreenbeanz - July 26th, 2016

Uploaded some new & old drawings!

Posted by mistagreenbeanz - May 18th, 2015

Uploaded two oldy, moldy projects earlier, both from around 2 years ago. Got another, slightly newer one coming tomorrow and another one I'm currently working on coming in the next couple of days.


Stay posted!